Pricing Strategies Evaluation in Radio Industry’s Firm (Case Study at PT XYZ)

Halimatussakdiah Halimatussakdiah, Rafika Yuniasih


The purpose of this study is to classify costs that an be included in the calculation of production using target costing precisely and determine the pricing strategy and the price that should be set by PT XYZ. The method used is qualitative research. This study concludes that the use of pricing strategies implemented by PT XYZ is inefficient, because in determining product prices, PT XYZ didn’t use target costing calculations, so the company doesn’t know how much costs must be spent to produce or run their services. By using target costing and target pricing, the company can make cost adjustments in order to remain competitive in the market. Furthermore, in determining the price, the company must decipher costs are incurred to run a service. The use of the most appropriate pricing strategy in determining new advertising prices in the industry is to use cost-based pricing. But if the company has already prices set, then it’s best for company to use customer’s value based pricing.


Price Determination; Pricing Strategies; Cost-Based Pricing; Customer’s Value-based Pricing

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